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GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service)

What is it?

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is a new IT platform designed to simplify trade and allow the automatic arrival/departure of goods so they can be processed on route.

Through GVMS a Goods Movement Reference (GMR) is obtained, providing a unique reference beneath which individual customs, transit and safety and security declaration numbers will be linked together for that vehicle or container. Each GMR is valid for a single crossing and can only be used once (Customs Information Paper 2, 2021).

You will be able to create a GMR for consignment before the vehicle arrives at the port of departure and your clearance agent will pre-lodge the declaration.

Once your shipment has departed, the GMR will automatically be updated to “EMBARKED” status. Once in this status GVMS will allow you notification of the risking outcome of the declaration (held or cleared).

Goods that are cleared will be free to proceed.

Goods that are held must proceed to a designated HMG facility.

EU to GB Imports

GVMS imports (EU>GB) January 2022

Source: (HMRCgovuk, 2021)

Ireland to GB

A Goods Movement Reference will not be required for goods travelling from Dublin to Holyhead or Rosslare to Pembroke unless as part of a CTC, as is presently the case.

This delay was announced by former Brexit minister, David Frost, on the 15th December in order to ensure that “...traders in both Ireland and Northern Ireland are not faced with further uncertainty while the protocol arrangements themselves are still under discussion”.

(Boffey and O'Carrol, 2021)


If you’re a haulier that moves goods into Great Britain from the EU, you currently only need to use the goods vehicle movement service if your goods are moving under the Common Transit Convention or transit.

From 1 January 2022, you will need to use goods vehicle movement service to get any goods that you move through a port in the UK that uses the service, through customs.

Ports using goods vehicle movement service to control goods will need pre-lodged declaration references to be linked together within a single goods movement reference (GMR).

If you do not use it yet, you should register for goods vehicle movement service as soon as possible to make sure you’re ready for the new requirements from 1 January 2022. Please see link to register: Register for the goods vehicle movement service - GOV.UK (

(Register for the goods vehicle movement service, 2021)


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